Your home, your style.

At De La Madele, we will satiate your desire for luxurious and chic interiors with our extensive range of ‘finishing touches’ to enhance the elegance and individuality of your home.

Treasured personal possessions are what turn a house into a home, and we are passionate about helping you showcase your own unique personality and style. Whether you are aiming to create an elegant, beautiful space which epitomises refinement and relaxation or develop a modern, exciting and contemporary feel in your home, our range of bold and beautiful fabrics, wallpapers, wall art, rugs, soft furnishings and custom-made and designed furniture and bed heads will create stunning features and impressive talking points in your home.

At the forefront of exceptional interior design and decor is comfort, liveability and lifestyle. How we style and decorate our homes is a reflection of how we feel within them and ultimately, who we are. At De La Madele we are thrilled to offer you both the ideas and opportunity to turn your home into an inspiring and reflective space, whether it be bursting with personality, eclectic, smooth and sleek or contemporary and cozy.

We boast quality products from carefully selected brands and collections from across the world. Our custom-made products reflect passion and quality craftsmanship and materials. At De La Madele we pride ourselves on sourcing and supplying only the best range of interior textiles and decor to enhance and beautify your everyday space. Our online store boasts an extensive range of world-renowned wallpaper and fabrics and a stunning catalogue of designer rugs, wall art, soft furnishings and furniture.

"Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful."– Hazrat Inayat Khan.